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Only a fraction of the Museum's collections is on display. A large part of the collections is stored in Postmuseum's warehouse south of Stockholm. Visitors have the opportunity to see a selection of this material in the various themed exhibitions arranged each year.

The collections have much to offer both philatelists, postal historians and other culturally interested people. There is our data bases.

Collections of objects
These collections consist of just over 17,000 objects.
Among other things you will find a large number of stamps, letter boxes and signs, postal art and furniture, cars, bicycles and other vehicles, stamp cancelling machines, uniforms, postal horns, emblems, mailmen's bags and many other items connected with the Swedish Post Office and its history.

Postmuseum aims to collect objects from the operations of the Post Office in the whole of Sweden. In its contemporary section, the museum even collects objects from today's rapidly changing postal activities.

Questions? Tel. +46-10-436 4453.

mail to Bosse Andersson

Collections of pictures and documents
In its archives, the museum stores more than 300,000 documents and pictures from Swedish postal history. Of these, approximately 80,000 are photographs.

Among the documents are items such as maps, drawings, letters, stamps, posters and postcards. There is also a collection of press cuttings about postal history and philately that is a good mirror of what has been written in newspapers from the 17th century onwards.

The collections in the archives can be studied by appointment in the research room in the library. You will find a list of the records on file at the information desk in the library.

Questions? Tel. +46-10-436 4453.

mail to Bosse Andersson

Philatelic collections
The philatelic collections consist of almost 4 million stamps and 90,000 postal items, as well as originals and printing proofs for Swedish stamps.

In Post F@ktum you will find exhibits of the Swedish study collection of studies and stamps from the Nordic countries as well as Gerard Martin's collection of art motifs on stamps. The rest of the museums philatelic collections are stored in vaults.

The collections also include the only letter with 6 skilling banco stamps. This letter was mailed from Stockholm to London in 1858 and arrived after five days. The postage was the equivalent of the wages paid for one day's hard industrial labour.

The museums greatest treasure consists of the "Post Office" stamps from Mauritius from 1847, the world's first colonial stamps

Tel: + 46 -10436 44 36

Our philatelic treasures »


Old postal sign

Old postal litter


Stamps from Mauritius

6 skilling banco letter