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At Various Addresses

When the Swedish Post Office was founded in 1636, they needed premises for the Postmaster General, post offices and the Post Office administration.  However, the Post Office did not purchase a building of its own until just over 80 years later.  In 1720, part of the present-day Postmuseum building at Lilla Nygatan 6 in Gamla Stan in Stockholm was acquired.  To begin with, the Post Office rented premises at various addresses in Gamla Stan, often in the home of the then Postmaster General.

The whole site was not taken up by buildings as it is today, but only certain parts.  The existing building had a typical 17th century look, with steeply pitched roofs and stepped gables.

Certificate dated 16th June 1733.  This corresponds to today’s “lagfartsbevis”
(certificate of registration of title) in connection with house purchase.

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