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Lilla Nygatan 6 in the Old town.
Photo: Ove Kaneberg

Postmuseum, photo:
Sven Tideman

Postmuseum, handkolorerad litografi: Hans Arnold
Postmuseum, litography: Hans Arnold

Postmuseum, teckning: Lotta Glave
Postmuseum, artist:
Lotta Glave

Posthuset vid Lilla Nygatan 6, efter en litografi från 1840-talet av Ferdinand Tollin (1807-1860)
The Post Office at Lilla Nygatan 6.

Postskylt 1873
Photo: Sven Tideman.

Brevlåda 1871-1920
Letterbox in use 1871-1920.

Från Postmuseums samlingar. Cykelåkande brevlådetömmare i Stockholm 1906.
Stockholm 1906.

Från Postmuseums samlingar. Enda brevet med sex stycken 6 skilling banco-frimärken.

This letter was sent from Stockholm to London on June 7, 1858, and franked with two pairs and two separate copies of the 6 skilling banco. Largest known number of this value on one cover.

Från Postmuseums samlingar. Museets största dyrgripar Mauritiusfrimärkena "Post Office" från 1847, världens första kolonialfrimärken.

The 1 penny and 2 pence "Post Office" stamps of Mauritius were issued on September 21, 1847. They are the first colonial stamps in the world and have been legendary ever since they were first discovered by collectors in 1864.

Only 500 of each stamp were produced. As far as we know 27 are still in existence. Of these twelve are of the 2 pence value.

Donated by Hans Lagerlöf, 1927.

Pehr Ambjörn Sparre, the director of
the first Stamp Printing Office in Sweden.

3 skilling banco, one of five values
issued on 1 July 1855.


The Little Post Office

Teckning: Lotta Glave
Workshop "Little Post Office".
Ill.: Lotta Glave

Sortering i Lilla Posten
Workshop "Little Post Office".
Photo: Ove Kaneberg

Photo: Ove Kaneberg

Photo: Ove Kaneberg

Photo: Ove Kaneberg

Photo: Ove Kaneberg